Autism Therapy


Your Ideal Speech Therapist

We are providing intensive speech and language therapy for people of all age groups, and we ensure evidence-based intervention depending on the client's need. You can rely on us for quality services.

To love, to teach, to guide, to encourage, & to excel; it's our DNA, passion & calling!

Happy to assist you.

Opening Hours

Saturday to Thursday: 9 am - 9 pm
Friday: Closed

"You may avail a free phone consultation any time during our working hours; just leave your contact details on our website, and we will arrange a call-back.

However, for regular therapy sessions, we recommend booking an appointment in advance as we usually have limited slots in a month.

Thank you!"

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Bldg. 910, Road 3316, Block 333, Um Al Hassam, Bahrain


You may also text us in the Chat  Box or Facebook Messenger icons available below on our website.