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4. Home Training Programme /  5. Group Therapy

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 Usually 45 min - 1 hour 

A detailed informal and formal assessment is conducted by our licensed speech therapist, who will issue an official assessment report with proper clinical findings. 

Assessment is primary to start speech therapy sessions. Our therapists are well trained in conducting a structured assessment understanding the individual differences of each client.


We offer both in-person and online modes of assessment depending on the condition of the client.


Before an official assessment, we provide an opportunity to have a free consultation with our speech therapist over the phone to decide whether a client needs speech therapy, and also to finalise the date and mode of assessment.

Speech Therapy Sessions

Usually 45 minutes

 Clients receive personalized speech therapy depending on the outcomes of the assessment and their progress.

We provide therapy sessions with the most efficient tools and scientific (evidence-based) techniques appropriate for each client. At the same time, we also recognize the subjective behaviour and nature of a client to integrate the techniques in a smooth and efficient way.

We take every effort to ensure that each therapy session is designed in a way to get our clients closer to speaking fluent and clear. 

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Online Therapy /
Home Training Program

Usually 45 minutes

Amidst COVID-19 or unavoidable circumstances, you may also avail the facility of online therapy or a home training program.

It's a great option for many clients who are away from us and wish to avail of our quality services. However, our speech therapist will let you know whether you are eligible for the same depending on your condition and outcomes of the assessment.

Group Therapy

Usually one hour

Currently, group therapy is SUSPENDED due to the pandemic situation.

Group therapy aids in improving the ability to understand and express thoughts, ideas and feelings. It facilitates the building of self-confidence through newfound friendships and also leads to peer communication within a realistic social setting.

Call and schedule an appointment with our speech therapist and see what we can do for you!